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The materials for LED panel light

Release time:2015/11/18 14:23:46

With the development of LED lighting industry, as the ramifications of LED backlight LED panel light, its light uniformity, no glare, delicate structure, get a lot of people's favorite, it is the new trend of modern fashion indoor lighting.
LED panel lights have many name on the market, LED panel lights, LED flat lights, LED ceiling lights, LED panel and other called.

The main components LED panel lights have
1. Panel Light aluminum frame:
Is the main channel LED heat dissipation, the appearance of simple and elegant, use T6063, drawing dies, low mold costs, machining costs are low; tensile aluminum chassis IP level is not very high, the surface texture
Well, the overall appearance.

2.LED source:
LED lamp beads usually use 5630, it was 3528 and the use of low cost 3014.3014 and 3528, slightly worse light effects, the key is its guiding light dot design difficulties. NEWSTAR LED used Epistar 4014SMD led chip, is a high color bright LED lamp beads. CRI> 80+, luminous efficiency>90lm/w high luminous efficiency outlets common good.

3.LED light guide:
The sides of the LED light refracted through the network so that the light evenly exported from the front, LED panel light guide plate is
The key point of light quality control. Network design is not good, to see the overall effect on the poor light, the light is uneven, both sides will appear in the middle of a dark light, or there is light at the emergence into the light zone, or dark areas seen locally, and then there are different angles or brightness inconsistent. To improve light efficiency depends mainly on the light guide plate design outlets, followed by the quality of the plate, but did not need superstition famous line of the plate, the light transmittance between the plates are usually qualified almost the same. General small LED lamp factory light guide plate are directly buying public use, do not need to re-proofing design, many manufacturers use the public version of the usual quality standards.

4.LED diffusion plate:
The homogeneous light guide plate export, but also play the role of fuzzy dot. 2.0 General use acrylic diffuser plate or sheet material PC, PS handicap is lower cost materials, acrylic and high light transmittance higher than PC, acrylic brittle weak anti-aging properties, PC prices slightly expensive, but anti-aging properties strong. Diffusion plate installed in the future can not see the dots, and the transmittance to about 90%. Acrylic light transmittance of 92%, PC is 88%, PS probably also 80 percent, we can choose the diffusion plate material according to the needs, for most manufacturers are using acrylic materials

5. reflective paper:
Reflected off the back corner of the light guide plate to improve optical efficiency.

6. Rear cover:
The main role is to seal LED panel light, usually with 1060 aluminum, can also play a little cooling effect.

7. The LED Drive:
There are two kinds of LED driver power supply, one constant current power supply, high efficiency of this mode, PF value up to 0.95, cost-effective; the second is to use a constant voltage with constant current power supply, stable performance, but low efficiency, high cost, generally use This power is mainly export, other requirements have certification requirements shall have a safety use of power. In fact, for home use constant current power supply is very safe, because users are difficult to reach power, and the lamp itself using a safe low-voltage electricity.
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