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why would have streak when you taken a picture for LED fixture via camera?

Release time:2015/11/18 14:56:08

why would have streak when you taken a LED tube picture via phone/camera

always have customer asked us, they taken a picture when the LED lighting fixture (T8 LED tube) was lighted up, the light has been dithering in the photo?

why would have this streak for some LED fixtures?

In fact, this streak is the lamp drive output voltage and current AC component exists. If appropriate increase in the input and output filtering means, can be eliminated. Because LED lamps are basically using a DC drive.
When the AC component is too high, it will produce this situation, many of the manufacturers in order to reduce the cost and other aspects of purpose, both at the expense of product quality. Because the human eye has a time delay. Refresh frequency is high enough. So invisible, while the camera's refresh rate fast enough. We are able to capture. PFC correction circuit will produce ripple.

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