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AC220V 6 inch 18W Dimmable LED Down Light

-6 inch 18W LED Downlights
NewStar is a professional LED Downlights manufacturer, 18W LED Downlights overturns the traditional light source of the luminescence properties, with its light energy saving, environmental protection, health and other characteristics wonderful debut, Best Heat Dissapation LED Downlights the premier office, home, advertising, lighting choice.

  • 6 inch 18W LED Downlights
    1. Dimension: 6 inch /Ф190*H60mm/Hole: Ф165mm
    2. Power Consumption: 18W
    3. Input Voltage: AC100-240V
    4. Frequency: 50~60Hz
    5. Luminous Flux: 1800lm
    6. LED Chip: SMD LED
    7. Material: Aluminum + PMMA
    8. Dimmable type is available
    9. CE, RoHS, FCC Certification
    10. 50000~80000hours lifetime, 3 years guarantee
    11. Available color: Warm White (2800-3200K), Natural White (4000-4500K), Pure White (6000-6500K)
    12, Specification:
  • 6 inch 18W LED Downlights
    1. Home and office lighting
    2. Hotel lighting
    3. Super market lighting
    4. Warehouse lighting
    5. Airport lighting
    6. Factory lighting
    7. Classroom lighting

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