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360degree Cool White R7S LED Lights

R7S LED horizontal plug light bulb with clear cover.
low power consumption.
360 Degree beam angle.
ultra energy efficient replacement of standard lamp.
No mercury, no UV. infrared or other deleterious radiation.
Made of aluminum alloy: harder texture, lighter weight and best heat dispersion.

  • -360degree Cool White R7S LED Lights
    1. Diameter: 15mm/20mm/22m/25mm/28mm
    2. 15mm diameter
         5W, 78*15mm, 10W, 118*15mm

    3. 20mm diameter
         5W, 78*20mm, 10W, 118*20mm
    4. 22mm diameter
         4W, ¢78*22mm, 8W, ¢118*22mm,
     10W, ¢135*22mm, 12W, ¢189*22mm
    5. 25mm diameter
         5W, ¢78*25mm, 10W, ¢118*25mm, 12W, ¢135*25mm, 15W, ¢189*25mm
    6. 28mm diameter
         5W, ¢78*25mm, 10W, ¢118*25mm, 12W, ¢135*25mm, 15W, ¢189*25mm

    7. Input voltage: AC85-265V
    8. Chip: Taiwan Epistar LED
    9. Driver: CE Driver
    10. Flux: 90-100lm/w
    11. Main materials: Die casting aluminum
    12. Voltage: AC85-265V 50/60Hz
    13. CRI: >80
    14. Waterproof: IP20
    15. Beam Angle: 360°
    16.Color temperature: Warm White 2800-3200K, Natural White 4000-4500K, Pure White 6000-6500K
    17. Power factor: >0.95
    18. Certification: CE ROHS
    19. Warranty: 3years     
                                                 LED & Coverage Area(㎡) / LED VS Incandescent
    LED Bulbs Incandescent Lumen Coverage Area (m2) Energy Saving
    2W 15W 150Lm 1-3㎡ 13W
    3W 25W 250Lm 2-4㎡ 22W
    5W 40W 400Lm 3-6㎡ 35W
    7W 60W 600Lm 6-8㎡ 53W
    9W 80W 800Lm 8-10㎡ 71W
    12W 100W 1000Lm 12-15㎡ 88W
    15W 120W 1200Lm 15-18㎡ 105W
    18W 150W 1500Lm 18-20㎡ 132W

    Replace Halogen

  • R7S LED lamps are linear shape lamp that is widely used as outdoor flood lights, security lights, landscape lights, parking lights as well as an indoor flood and decorative lights.

    Moreover, these R7S double-ended tubulars can be used in multiple applications and come in 78mm/118mm/135mm/189mm formats.

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