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  • New Pricelist for exterior lighting in 201908

    Newstar LED has updated the pricelist for both exterior lightings and strips, please do not hesitate to send us email to obtain the latest pricelist. We'll always devote ourself to provide you quality lights with a high cost-effective price.

  • Newest design UFO high bay super brightness 150-170lm/w

    New type UFO high bay with Osram LED 150-170lm/w, 5 years warranty, welcome to contact us for datasheet and IES testing report.

  • CRI>96Ra Blue light free LED Panel Eye-protecting

    NEWSTAR LED has released the newest blue light free LED Panel with different size and watt for choice. As we all know, due to the existence of blue-sensitive receptors in our eyes that regulate our circadian cycle, light in a domestic setting (especially blue-rich LED lighting) has the potential to disrupt our sleep patterns in the evening and cause long-term health issues. Welcome to contact us to get a blue light free led panel which can really protect our eyes.

  • Economical 150lm/w UFO High bay

    Newest 100-200W UFO High Bay
    Osram/Cree LED
    5 Years warranty
    Very competitive price

  • DC24V Constant Current LED Strip

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