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  • Customer Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can I have a price list?
    Please send an email to for quotation.

    2. How is the quality?
    All of the materials are purchased from reliable suppliers. The LED chip is from Taiwanese LED chip company EPISTAR and American LED chip company Bridgelux. And the driver and other main components are all from top companies in China, such Lifud, Meanwell.

    3. Is your price competitive?
    One of our missions is to make LED lighting affordable to the general public. Based on our market research, we have about 10% price advantage over other suppliers on the same quality level.

    4. How is the warranty?
    We offer 3 years warranty for LED Downlight, LED Tube Light, LED Panel Light, LED Flood Light, and 2 year warranty for LED Strip and Controller.

    5. Can I get some samples for testing?
    Sure, we always suggest our customer to try samples and check the quality and performance themselves. But due the sample availability, we do not suggest the customer to try many samples with many models at one time. And kindly note that sample and shipping cost will be charged..

    6. What is lead time ?
    Usually we ship orders in 2 weeks. But it will take a little longer if with heavy burden of production task. It also takes more time with customized products.

    7. How to track your order during shipment?
    For small order shipped by international courier (UPS/DHL/FedEx/EMS), Newstar will send you tracking No. after goods sent out, you can check the order status on courier's website. For Large orders shipped by sea, you can check with your shipping agent.

    8. What should I do if the goods received are damaged?
    All products are carefully wrapped with utmost care to ensure a safe delivery to its destination. In case of damage during shipment, please file your damage claims to the delivering carrier immediately, and notify us within 72 hours after your
    receipt of the damaged merchandise.

    9. Can I cancel my order?
    Customer satisfaction is important to all of us at Newstar LED Co., Limited. We will ship your merchandise as quickly as possible.
    If your order has not yet been shipped, we can cancel it for you. However,we shall not be able to process a cancellation once
    your order has been shipped.

    10. What certificates do you have?
    We have CE, RoHS for all of our products.

    11. I want to replace the traditional lights to LED lights. Can you give us some suggestion for the suitable replacement?
    We are glad to offer our support. Please write us your applications and requirements to Our professionals are ready to help.

    12. Are you LED lights dimmable?

    13. Can your LED light work under the voltage in my country?
    Most of our products work under 85-265VAC. It can meet the voltage requirement for most of the countries worldwide. You can write to us if you have special requirements.

    14. What’s your products’ MOQ?
    After the sample order, the MOQ is:
    LED Tube: 25 units
    LED Flood Light: 10 units
    LED Down Light: 10 units
    LED Panel Light: 5 units
    LED Strip Light: 10 units
    LED Controller: 10 units

    15. What is the main market for Newstar?
    We are selling more to EU, Middle East, South America because the markets have high quality standard for LED products. The rate stands our turnover up to 70-80%. But other new markets are increasing demand of the new LED technology. We are also optimistic about the markets for other American and Asian regions.

    16. Does Newstar design its products?
    Yes, we designs and assembles all the products we are selling. Our engineers have abundant knowledge of optics, electronics, mechanical and thermal management, as well as light control technology. Some of them have successful experience to design lighting products for world famous brands. Our basic principle to design internal driver and circuit is safety under EMC/UL list possibility and reliability.

    17.Do You Offer OEM Or ODM?
    Yes, Definitely.

  • Color control LED lamp to reach?

    Due to the further development of LED technology, control has become more and more complex. Fortunately, some modern control system in a very simple way to drive any type of color system. In addition to strength, users will be the color of different parameters: RGB, CMY. HSL and HSV.

  • Measurement of the LED lamp bulb temperature.

    LED lamp strip made of PU foam shaped bulbs, without lens can realize light source 360 degree angle, makes a return to the traditional incandescent lamp feeling.

  • LED lamp: 6 key design issues analysis

    To design a product, must first determine the LED package structure whose; then consider how to adapt to these packages; we choose the opportunity not to be many, the optical structure is built on the package on; play us a lot of creativity is not very good.

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