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LED indoor display how break out of an encirclement?

Release time:2013/3/20

Familiar with commercial display industry friends all know, LED display with high brightness, low power consumption, long life and other characteristics become outdoor display field king. In recent years, along with the LED display pixel size continues to shrink, the exquisite degree of quality continuous improvement, its application has been extended, so as to display field launched impact to the indoor screen.

Nowadays, indoor large screen display technology in the mainstream of nothing more than the first DLP rear projection screen splicing, and LCD screen, as well as the application of innovative LED display screen. If considering the shape of the stage, can also be considered Fusion Engineering projector display system. That is to say, the LED screen to enter the indoor applications, faced with many strong competitors. In order to achieve breakthrough, it must have its own killer.
This requires from the characteristics of mining display technology. The various display display parameters does not talk, and if a single display considering physical structure technology, can make the comparison from the application flexibility.

As is known to all, DLP and LCD is multiple display units together to form the bigger picture projection fusion is based on the multi projector screen splicing forms integration of a large screen, that is to say, the display screen is actually by the display unit shape constraints, although the LCD can form "special stitching, binding but is still difficult to shake off the basic geometry.


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