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The first luminous bicycle path in the world

Release time:2014/12/15 11:32:04

In Van Gogh's hometown of Brabant Netherlands , the artist have design a glowing bike paths, open to the public on November 13, pay a tribute to the creator of "Star" who had gone to the 125th anniversary.

The first luminous bicycle path in the world, the entire line runs through the Netherlands North Brabant, length of 335 km (208 miles). November 13, free and open to the public. The official announcement on the map, you can clearly see paragraph 5 independent travel: Newnan (51 km), Breda (60 km), Eaton - Road Tours (49 km), Tilburg (51 km), Den Bosch (30 km), which tracks the life of Van Gogh in North Brabant series together.

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