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30W RGB LED Flood Light

-30W RGB LED Flood Light
As a professional LED flood Light manufacturer and trustworthy LED flood light supplier, Newstar LED offers 10W-50W RGB LED Flood light which bring outstanding energy efficient and long life. LED flood light are totally able to replace the High pressure Sodium Lamp or Metal halide Lamp. Further more, LED flood light can reduce energy consumption around 70% than HPSL, and the starting time is far fast than Metal halide Lamp. It is friend for environment, no lead, or mercury, not so hot like HPSL and Metal halide Lamp. At the same time, Newstar has mass production experience for LED Flood Lamp, and has whole quality inspect and control system. It would be a good choice on LED Flood Lamp from Newstar LED for LED flood light wholesales.

  • 30W RGB LED Flood Light
    1. Power: 30W
    2. Weight: 2.2Kg
    3. Size: 225*185*126mm
    4. Voltage: AC85-265V
    5. Color Temperature: 2800 to 6500 K
    6. Led type: Epistar/Bridgelux
    7. Lumens: 90lm/W
    8. IP protection: IP65
    9. Service life: 50,000 - hour
    10. IP Protection: outdoor use
    11. Working Temperature: - 40 ° - 70 °
    12.Warranty: 3 years
    13.Certificacion: CE, RoHS
    14, Specification:

  • 30W RGB LED Flood Light
    1. Factories
    2. Gymnasiums
    3. Yards
    4. Advertising boards
    5. Buildings
    6. Lawns
    7. Garden designs

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