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CCT adjustable LED Lights can protect our health!

Release time:2015/7/30 14:25:19

Our bodies are highly sensitive to light. During the day, we want a cool, blue light, because it energizes us and keeps us awake. At night, we want a warmer, redder, light that prepares us for sleep. The amount, timing, and type of light we get can even affect our hormone production and genetic expression: Too much blue light at night, for instance, may even raise the risk of disease, some well-known researchers have said.

All of this is why a company called NEWSTAR LED CO., LIMITED came up with the solution, their engineer devised cct (color temperature) adjustable led panel lights, can be named dual white led panel light, you could adjust the color temperature arbitrarily, and one suitable cct could make you comfortable and quiet.

--The specification for the cct adjustable led panel lights

1, Item Type: LED Panel Lights

2, LED chip: SMD3014 Epistar

3, CCT: 3000K to 6500K adjustable

4, Brightness: 100%-1% dimmable

5, Input Voltage: AC85-265V

6, Working Voltage: DC24V

7 Material: Acrylic + Aluminum

8, Beam Angle(°): 120

9, Warranty: 3 years

10, Certification: CE,RoHS

11, Lifespan: 50000hours



--3000K to 6500K is adjustable, and 100%-1% dimmable.

--Accessory for cct adjustable led panel lights

RF Controller

As the Working Voltage is DC24V, so we need a transformer to change the voltage.

Power Supply

Of course if you have rich budget, you can choose MeanWell driver for it.

--How to install the cct adjustable led panel lights

after view the Installation drawing, you should know the cct adjustable led panel lights could be connect with one controller, can be controlled synchronously. and it is more stable than 2.4G cct adjustable led panel lights.

--Model to choose

1, Square cct adjustable led panel lights

200*200*10mm 12W   300*300*10mm 24W   300*600*10mm 24W  600*600*10mm 48W  620*620*10mm 48W 

2, Round cct adjustable led panel lights

 Φ180*H13mm 12W     Φ240*H13mm 15W 


NEWSTAR LED CO., LIMITED is a professional factory for all kinds of LED Panel lights, you also could purchase SCR dimmable LED Panel lights, 0-10v dimmable led panel light., Constant Voltage LED Panel lights, RGB LED Panel Lights, etc, we can produce the special LED Panel Lights based on the request from client.


Newstar LED Co., Limited is a market-leading innovator and professional led manufacturers in the field of high power led that engaged in researching, developing, manufacturing and sales of led light, Newstar has a well-trained team including full experienced technicians and salesman, "product quality and service foremost" is our main goal. More and more customers are continually choosing Newstar for our excellent quality and service.

The main products of our company: led strip, led downlight, led flood light, led tube, led panel and so on, all of which are widely used in commercial lighting decoration, indoor and outdoor using, home and decoration, bus and train using, advertising and cabinet Lighting. Under the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System, most of our products have CE, ROHS certificates. Your OEM or ODM are welcomed. As a globally operating manufacturers, we also strongly encourage socially and environmentally authoritative energy-saving policies around the world - as well as sponsoring art and beauty at home and world!

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