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  • LED-Farms

    For centuries, farmers have been dependent on weather, short growing seasons, fluctuating supply and demand cycles, and a host of environmental factors that make the farming business one of luck as much as agricultural acumen. Combined with the world's growing population and the increasing scarcity of farmland, new strides in indoor LED farming are becoming less the stuff of science fiction and more of a real world necessity. Let's take a look at how the world's oldest industry is getting a radical 21st century update with a little help from light-emitting diodes.

  • IP Ratings (Ingress Protection)

    IP Ratings (Ingress Protection)

  • Intelligent lighting paves the way for the smart city

  • LED Lighting Exhibition in 2015

    -LED Lighting Exhibition

  • RGBW LED Bulb

    RGBW LED Bulb

  • Bluetooth RGBW Smart LED Bulb Review

    NEWSTAR LED CO., LIMITED is a professional factory for all kinds of RGBW LED light, RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, and White). Well, actually they call it a Smart LED Bulb, because it can be controlled from your iPhone via Bluetooth. What the heck would you use that for you ask? Tons of stuff, but most importantly it’s just really cool to be able to change the color of your lights on a whim. Plus, it screws into a standard lightbulb socket, meaning it doesn't require anything you don’t already have. How cool is that?

  • Dynamic LED-based light-art project headlines at New York's Flatiron

    December 17, 2014
    A control system based on Crestron technology includes 16 controllable lighting zones in the Light Iron Project now on display at Flatiron Plaza in New York City.

  • The first luminous bicycle path in the world

    In Van Gogh's hometown of Brabant Netherlands , the artist have design a glowing bike paths, open to the public on November 13, pay a tribute to the creator of "Star" who had gone to the 125th anniversary.

  • Smart LED Alert Nightlight

  • The development of global LED industry

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