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  • The development Trend Analysis of LED smart lighting in 2015

  • The advantages of smart LED bulb

  • 2015 Top Ten LED industry trend forecasting

  • External IC RGBW LED Strip

  • CCT Adjustable LED Downlight

    Our new type CCT Adjustable LED Downlight

  • The difference between ws2812 and ws2812b

  • Do you want to know more about ws2812b led chip ?

  • Top 8 Benefits for LED Light

    Top 8 Benefits for LED Lights Instead of Conventional Lighting

    You certainly hear and read a lot about the advantages and benefits of the energy efficiency of LED light emitting diodes vs traditional lighting. When you compare them to other energy-saving illumination methods that are available on the market today, you will find that LED lighting is by far the most power-saving and smart solution. Recent research and developments in the field of LED illumination is about to bring upon us an intelligent green LED lighting revolution that will help us save the planet. Join us now and become a part of it!

    By far the most energy efficient, the cleanest and most eco-friendly way of illumination is LED lighting, which is basically digital light and comes with a multitude of amazing benefits.

    In fact, in makes a big leap in technology that can been seen much as an upgrade from analog to digital. LED is digital light, and the advantages versus conventional ‘analog’ lighting are so huge and of major benefit to both the users of this "technology of digital light" as well as also to our planet.

    That's why we believe to have plenty of good reasons for being passionate about LED illumination and are so glad about offering you our exclusive LED lighting wholesale section with quality LED lights from certified NEWSTAR LED manufacturers. So let’s break it down and take a closer look at.

  • RGBW led strip / 4 colors in 1 LED

    60leds/m RGBW 5050 Led Strip
    1.Input Voltage:DC12V
    3.2 year Warranty

  • Efficient, useful blue-light LED draws Nobel Prize in physics

    Three researchers helped revolutionize lighting with vastly better energy efficiency and brightness. The light-emitting diodes also are used in data storage, TVs and smartphones.

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